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Finding My Way on a New Trek

August 19, 2019

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Living Like Cinderella

January 1, 2018


     One of the best inspirational quotes I saw recently changed my thinking! I was conducting research for a branding blog. No, not Nevada style branding,  business branding. So my thoughts were at once twisted and tangled and whew! I changed! Not just the everyday kind of thinking - but my business plan thinking. And *if I'm honest* my spiritual, physical, and emotional core was struck, like a lightning BOLT severed the old from the new! Bam! 

     I've accomplished many things on my own with bullet lists and goals! 

     I've spent endless hours in counseling going over the past, those major failures!

     While 2017 was a banner year professionally, I've been calculating and *if I'm honest* waiting for the other shoe to drop! My confidence came crashing in and left just as quickly, much like the tides in Winchester Bay. 

     So it's a new year. 2018 = New goals. New bullet list.


     So 2018 is the year of strength. I'll push through the business of making my business boom. No excuses. I'll push through and participate in spiritual opportunities. No excuses. I'll make my health a priority in order to be strong. I'll get into the gym or out into the sagebrush each day for at least 30 minutes. No excuses. I'll eat less and chose my foods wisely. No excuses. I'll listen to my body and rest more. No excuses. And as for emotional strength, let me pause right here to catch my breath. 

     Emotional strength is a beast. A monster. A challenge. I am a People Pleaser by default. And it's my own fault that it doesn't work. Compromise hasn't worked all that well lately either *if I'm honest* so in 2018, I won't try so hard to people please. Instead I will find ways to lovingly listen to their needs, help them problem solve if that, but stay my course. No excuses. 

      Of course, this will only work if I live like Cinderella!  Self-talk: there is no midnight! 


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