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August 19, 2019

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September 27, 2018



It's that time of year, for me, that says "NEW YEAR" aka new goals. As a teacher, retired, my professional and personal goals begin now. It was easier this year to focus on professional work, my photography. The NAA Gallery allowed me opportunities to exhibit my work all year, to host the front desk several times a month and to meet so many cool artists and visitors from all over the world! I was truly blessed by giving my first presentation about my passion, inclusion in the NEA's True Grit Show, an invitation to Made In Nevada - Reno is ARTown event where I could sell my art, and a fabulous back-wall show at the gallery! How cool is that! I have been scared out of my mind and loving the moment at the same time!

      What's more, I feel more confident in working on something more personal as fall settles around me! My first goal is healthy eating - planning and cooking for one has its challenges. While Bill is away on an important job and my kids are grown I find that my "foodie" self has outlived its usefulness. The second goal goes hand in hand with eating - getting more exercise. Walking has always been Olive's time and my go-to solace. That standard (familiar) routine needs a boost. That 2018-19 plan is forthcoming in another blog. The third goal is simple: re-designing my living and working spaces in order to provide a peaceful and productive venue. The phrase "Go Martha" was never meant for this explosion...beware!

      If you're still reading this and interested in my professional goals, yes, there are three. One) consider the textile and photograph mix more seriously - design and order more fabric for seasonal products - stick to a reasonable budget while looking for the perfect retail outlets for my scarves. Sew fabric as it comes in to avoid a "rush" or RUSHED issue. Two) continue to attend FOCUS workshops and network with those talented photographers. Continue to reach out to SBA through their local workshops (get ready to access their free counseling) and attend to my long-range business plans. Three) Photograph more. Create more. Interact more. Find a way to give back. Someone asked me today, "Are you burned out?" No, just the opposite! I know exactly what I want to do!

       I admit I've bemoaned early retirement. For the new year, I've decided to embrace this time as a gift from God and use it for good. I'll leave the resentment behind and learn to embrace this disability with gusto. Yes, I may need to be upfront about lipreading and processing. I'll use Olive more even though it draws attention I'd rather avoid. So expect to see myself and Olive, my hearing dog, out there living the good life Nevada style.

      *the photo is one Olive and I took during our daily walk on Wna Mtn = a quiet stroll among the herd along the sagebrush lined trail

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