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August 19, 2019

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While I Have Had Recent Vivid Visions of a Warm, Sandy Beach...

December 21, 2018


Adding WHITESPACE into the Cinderella Studio One Photography worksphere will add life to my business. Or it will simply add to my business. Or the whitespace may create something new within my life. While I have had recent vivid visions of a warm, sandy beach, I must admit I am devoting a month or two to a stay-cation of sorts. My break includes social media. 

I need to recharge mentally*I am vulnerable, not in a critical way, but in a I need to process loss on my own, in my own way. 2018, you certainly kicked my butt. I may write or read. I may hike more. I may sit more. I may finish a few projects, create new work or design an entirely new worksphere. I'm not sure. Whew!

I need to recharge my body*the gym PHAWWB is real. It's paid for and hangs from my keychain; however it requires a commitment of -shall we say- regular attendance. It's a battle of which I may or may not win. I hike and that is a daily outing I crave. Thankfully the black dog likes to go with me! Healthy food, yeah, THAT challenge is always there, too. I may cook more or fast more. I'm not sure. 

I need to recharge my spirit*some damning drama has taken the wind from my sails and I need time to sort through my feelings and find my way back into a place of grace. While the issues are not yet resolved, I believe in the power of prayer so I'll just leave it there. 

I need time to recharge to meet my professional goals*this is all good. I love my life out in the rugged Nevada outback and from behind the lens I see what others only dream of. Freedom and fresh air. Snow and sagebrush. Endless blue sky. Life is good! What are my next steps? I'm not sure.

I need to recharge and reassess my volunteer practices*mindful of great intentions, oh boy, an assessment is in order. This is certainly hard for me because I am my own boss and I am devoted to giving back to my community. Finding a balance I can feel good about... 

I need time to recharge my creative energy*this, too, is all good. I am driven to create more and more with my photographs. I now take photographs with my own Spoonflower specs in mind. Every photo. Even cell photos. It's how I think. The photo scarves pull tenderly on my heartstrings. Images. Textiles. Wearable art is always on my mind. I feel blessed to have an indoor and an outdoor studio. I need uninterrupted time to work in both. And I want to mention that I need chunks of time to do intentional work, with my gear, out in the field. I have a lot to learn. To explore. I may even buy Photoshop to work with in post. I'm not sure. (serious=more like I'll whisper this confession) I'm afraid of Photoshop. There, I said it. Deathly afraid.   

Lastly, and if you've read this far, you know this will be about people. Sigh. Smile. Sigh.

I need to recharge on a human level*I need to love people and yes, I need to love certain folks more. I need to have coffee or tea with them. It's a blessing to live such a full life!! I don't take it for granted for a minute!! The best experiences have been all about the people!! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cin 

title: First Grade Lesson: Whitespace & Watercolors

Grass Valley Elementary School

cell photo 12/20/18


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