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Finding My Way on a New Trek

August 19, 2019

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Finding My Way on a New Trek

August 19, 2019

Rejection notices are fairly routine in my inbox and tossed around my studio. I submit project ideas and images only to receive what I lovingly call a JOHN DEERE letter. Note: I have images of a John Deere and truth be told it's been published recently, but many more just bite the dust in what I think of as my "sparkle and fizzle folder" - somewhat different than the "cloud" everyone talks about. 


So seeing the words "Congratulations...." is certainly heart-attack material!  For the 2nd time this year an image has been selected to be included in an online installation by Portland's famous Black Box Gallery. Yes, they do have photographs printed and framed for this exhibition featuring dogs and cars. Mine will be rolling by on a slideshow and ultimately make it into a Blurb Book (think coffee table book) which is a collection of every piece of the show. That is amazing! I like to see my work published! I love to see my photographs beside and amidst other photographs!! Yippee!


The piece in question is from a series taken at the Goldfield's International Car Forest of the Last Church. The title is: Taking A Bite Out of Palm Beach. I drove there alone this spring during the Nevada Arts Council's Basin to Range Exchange Project Launch. I left Tonopah hoping to hit the evening light just right. I was so sidetracked with the forest, its installation was art enough and wow, the graffiti was spectacular! I'm a mechanic's daughter. I love a good junkyard, so this was indeed heaven!


At times, I forgot the camera in hand and just stared. Other times I intentionally used the pastel setting to calm down the rust and blue sky.  I don't have a favorite, and I haven't worked with this series in a serious manner. I'd like to print out the images and work with creating a pattern. A different type of art - yes, maybe textiles... No, not a scarf, But my mind goes back; dreaming about what's seen and what's felt by larger than life art. 


The only wildlife I saw were rabbits: cottontails and jacks. I wanted to see a coyote or burro roam into view, but the evening was uneventful. I was happiest just sitting. Kind of like fishing. When you are happy just letting the red and white bobber balance on top of the water...for hours. Yup. my dad was a fisherman, too. 


My confidence is not dependent on sales or submissions or sparkles. My work is changing, the trek is more about using my time sitting. Learning. Waiting. The trek, like any true hiker will admit, is both scary and exciting! Fine art. Folk art. The journey has led to many new insights, and meeting new folks. Art folks. Or folks I deem as art folks. Or just folks. Maybe that's the best part of working in art - the people. 


A fellow Nevada Photographers Facebook group member had an opening last week in Reno at the Sierra Arts Gallery. I went. It was crowded and I loved every single piece. Hundreds of Burning Man images and I was nodding my head. I love the big art at Burning Man. I love the art cars, clothing and the camp designs. I love the bikes. I especially love the nothingness of the playa. I've been there with Burners and without Burners. It's the perfect backdrop for any shot - candid or planned. 


Talking to those art folks. Well, it can be a bit of a challenge for me. Can I clearly and precisely explain what I do? I take photographs. I design fabric from those images. I create something new and different with the fabric once I have it in hand. Back to the scarves. It's my way to blend 2 or more loves into something that has a unique purpose. I need to remember to always wear a scarf so the explanation is more like kindergarten Show and Tell. 


And with that mention of school, on the weekend before school starts, I look at my studio and wonder where I'm headed. Retirement has been good for me. I'm thankful for having a life that embraces change. My pieces have changed, in fact, my artwork has developed into a bolder process. Creating takes more time. More planning. More energy. Let me end this blog by saying without hesitation ** I am blessed every single day that I can create.


#artlife #chiffonscarves #lifeisgoodontheranch #trekthruretirementgoals 








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